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The brand new 2021 Realplate Mini incorporates the same level of quality and craftmanship as the Realplate+ but with the added convenience or a much smaller and lighter footprint.全新的2 Realplate Mini具有与Realplate +相同的质量和工艺水平,但具有更多的便利性或更小更轻的占地面积。 The all new Realplate mini not only accommodates lateral movement but also very slight fore/aft movement (3-18mm to reduce shock as you move forward & backwards) to really bring your indoor training to life.全新的Realplate mini不仅可以进行横向运动,而且还可以进行非常轻微的前后运动(50-12毫米,以减少前后移动时的震动),从而真正使您的室内训练栩栩如生。 The new short rocker system is built to an extremely high specification including XNUMXmm plates with XNUMXmm rubber isolation mounts with adjustable inflatable bladders to manage the lean angles of the system, these can be moved to suit your own preferences.新的短摇杆系统具有极高的规格,包括XNUMXmm的板和XNUMXmm的橡胶隔离安装座,以及可调节的充气气囊,以管理系统的倾斜角度,可以根据自己的喜好进行移动。 Other great touches include in built levelling system, non slip feet and non slip surface.其他出色的触感还包括内置的调平系统,防滑脚和防滑表面。 Also included is a front block to keep things nice and level.还包括一个前挡块,可保持事物水平和美观。 Each Realplate mini comes with a XNUMX Month manufacturer guarantee (not including wear & tear).每个Realplate mini都具有XNUMX个月的制造商保证(不包括磨损)。 Features velcro fastening for Neo, Drivo, Hammer and fixings for Kickr, Kickr Core etc, spirit level and floor pads.具有Neo,Drivo,Hammer的魔术贴固定以及Kickr,Kickr Core等固定装置,水平仪和地板垫。 Currently the Realplate is tailor made for Tacx Neo, Wahoo Kickr Core, Wahoo Kickr, Cycleops Hammer, Elite Drivo, Tacx Flux, Wahoo Kickr Snap, Tacx Fortius & Vortex & most others (choose your model at checkout) but most current trainers will fit.当前,Realplate是为Tacx Neo,Wahoo Kickr Core,Wahoo Kickr,Cyclops Hammer,Elite Drivo,Tacx Flux,Wahoo Kickr Snap,Tacx Fortius&Vortex和其他大多数产品(在结帐时选择您的型号)量身定制的。 。 If your trainer is not listed please let us know through checkout如果您的教练没有列出,请通过结帐告知我们


Realplate mini的最大宽度为930mm,长为760mm,高为86mm。 2020年型号已更新,可容纳所有室内训练器,包括Direto&Hammer


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